MOA Scholarships

Because the Chicago Public School student-athletes have given so much to us as an association, we would like to give back to you.  We are a small, but integral part of the education of Chicago Public School student-athletes.  With that in mind, the MOA has established the MOA Scholarship Fund for the eleventh year.   The MOA has established the following criteria for applicants.

Metropolitan Officials Association Scholarship Criteria
  • Student must have at least a ā€œCā€ average and submit a copy of transcripts with the application.
  • Student must be a graduating senior or have GED equivalent for the year of application.
  • Student must be an active member of a team(s).
  • Student must be an active participant in a Community/Public Service Organization.
  • Student must submit a fully completed application signed and all questions answered.
  • Student should submit at the time of application at least a one-page essay indicating his/her goals for higher education.
  • Student must be able to satisfy an oral interview by a Scholarship Committee panel.
  • Student should present at the time of application two (2) letters of recommendation: (family members excluded). Letters should come from a church leader at the church of which you are a member, representative of the community or public service organization of which you are an active participant, or a school administrator/faculty member/coach, of the school that you are presently attending.

Please click here to download the application and additional pertinent information regarding the MOA Scholarship initiative