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Dues are due

Dues are $40 for one sport and $60 for multiple sports.
They can be paid by on-line by scrolling to the bottom of this page or mailed to:
Mrs. Wanda Norris
606 E. Woodland Park Ave
Unit #203
Chicago, Ill 60616
For any other options, please call President Pam Young.

On-line payment of Dues (scroll to the bottom of this page)


The 30th annual Nate Humphrey IHSA Certified camp was held in conjunction with the Top Notch camp at Oak Lawn Community high school June, 8-10, 2023. It was a huge success! Click here for more details


The MOA Certified IHSA Volleyball clinic was held Saturday August 19, 2023 at Senn High School. It was a huge success! Click here for more details  Kudos to the staff for the wonderful job they did which contributed to the success of the clinic!

For Volleyball meeting information please click here

For Football meeting information please click here

Basketball meetings TBA

Unfortunately, COVID is on the rise again, which does hampered decisions to meet as well as officiate. We have continued our programs, especially training in Softball, Football, Basketball and Volleyball officiating.

CPS Score for which we have been assignors in VB, BK, and Flag Football, will start next month tentatively September 16 2023. CPS Score Fall sport are Girls/Boys Volleyball, Soccer and Cross Country.

All CPS Sports, including CPS Score will be assigned through arbiter. Please make sure you have registered with he IHSA and completed all applicable requirements(exams, rules meetings, concussion program and hate speech
and harassment videos).

If your name is not listed on the IHSA site for a sport, we cannot assign you. Make sure your arbiter calendar is up-to-date.

CPS High School Volleyball starts August 29, 2023.

Seventh and eighth grade CPS Score Volleyball will start September 16, 2023. and fifth and sixth grades will start in November.

MOA - President

Pamela Young 

Vice-President - Etta McChristian

Executive Secretary - Wanda Norris

Treasurer - James Patterson

Recording Secretary

Executive Board

Eugene Brown

Etta McChristian

Pamela Young

James Patterson

Charles Matthews

Jessie Knighten

Advisory Board

Candice Daniel

Malcolm Hemphill

Jessie Knighten

Darrell Leftwich

Charles Matthews

Reuben Norris

Milt Stennis

Ron Wright


Charles Matthews


Jessie Knighten


Eugene Brown


Pamela Young

IAACO Liaison

John Frye


Ben Bluitt

Wilford Bonner

Jim Foreman

Larry Hawkins

Malcolm Hemphill

Leonard Hunt

Charles Stimpson


Click below if you officiate multiple sports

Click below if you officiate only one sport

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