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Volleyball Officials!

Welcome to another year of Chicago Public League Boys Volleyball!

All matches start at 5:00pm. Your arrival time is 4:30pm. Please be patient with coaches as you might have to review the new rules and mechanics before the match. Remember, you are facilitators of the game.

If there is illegal, missing, and unsafe equipment, and it cannot be made legal and safe, the match is cancelled. Please contact your assignor who will contact me and the problem can be remedied.

 Having your check ready the day of the match, is a courtesy provided by Chicago Public Schools. However, schools do not open until after Labor Day, and office personnel may not be available to have a check ready for you.

Arrangements can be made for you to pick your check up or have it mailed.

You have already confirmed your assignments with Eugene (girls) Pamela (Girls and Boys). They will be inputted into the scheduler. If you have to get off a match, please call your assignor. Do not send a sub.

Please go into and accept or decline your assignment. If you have any issues,(forgot username, password, etc) go to to get it remedied.

(We realize your availability might have changed since you received your assignment) This is a backup reminder for you. There is no fee for this service. Most of you are already on the site and have been for the last 3 years. This is mostly for those changes, (time, date, location, emergencies) that may occur. If you have a problem with the site, or your assignment, please contact Pamela Young.

Since school has not yet started (Girls season), some schools have opted to play earlier in the day as long as both coaches agree and both officials are able to comply with the change. We will let you know if the change has been authorized by Ms. Irvin.

Also, any changes that occur during the season, must be authorized by me. If a coach contacts you with a change, please let them know that you must have authorization thru the assignors, per Ms. Irvin.

The address and school phone number is included on the site as well as the name of your partner and their phone number if they inputted the number.

Do not forget to call your schools and your partner, ahead of time. Please call your assignors if you have an emergency cancellation or a situation that needs further resolution.

Thank you for your professionalism!

Looking forward to a fantastic season!

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