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  • Hold Yourself Accountable
  • Be your own worst critic
  • Hold your standard high and commit to push yourself
  • Be tough, but be able to just walk away
  • Do you ask for feedback (soon after game situation)
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and say why!
  • Who inspires you? (LT, Banks, Marchman, Mitchell, etc.)
  • Get a mentor or style that you can develop you own style from
  • Get yourself into the “zone”
  • Don’t look for a pat on the back, you should know if you are on the right path
  • Learn from others and their mistakes
  • Create the ability to develop mental imagery
  • Pre-rehearse game situations in your head (black and white calls are too easy)
  • Shrink grey areas with sound philosophy
  • Human Dynamics/People Skills and remember Game Management skills are key abilities
  • Remember the crowd/fans are not here to see you, you are important part but game is for players/coaches/fans so DON’T STEAL THE SHOW!
  • Call what is there!
  • Remember John Wooden’s Pyramid of Values;
    • Attitude

    • Investment

    • Trust

    • Character

    • Honesty

    • Family (Officiating also)

    • Respect

  • Desire to be a winner by putting forth the best effort that you are capable of doing
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